How to live in isolation


1. There is reason to be optimistic. Every day we have new data and evidence of how to overcome it.

2. Create a window for information (30 ‘in the morning and 30’ in the rest) and avoid opinions and speculation. The rest of the time, devote yourself to activities that bring you pleasure and that you can never do.

3. Play with your kids. Share moments with those at home.

4. Share distress and symptoms with family and / or friends.

5. Maintain a daily routine and, if you can, do physical activity in the morning and afternoon.

6. Support others, online or when shopping. Worried if you can help them.

7. We are all scared. If you have symptoms, don’t listen too much. He thinks the symptoms of COVID-19 and those of anxiety crises are similar.

8. We recognize within ourselves the capacity for resilience we did not know. And he thinks that this inner capacity will grow.

Dr. Jordi Sunyer