INMA: “Chronic stress in preadolescents: school context, bullying, and risk-taking behavior”

An INMA study investigated the influence of school environment and bullying on hair cortisol concentration. Hair cortisol concentration is a […]


Defense of the doctoral thesis of Raquel Soler-Blasco

On July 6, Raquel Soler, a researcher in the INMA Valencia cohort, defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Prenatal exposure to […]


INMA: “Weight gain during pregnancy and infant contamination”

All babies come into the world with a load of pollutants that comes from those accumulated in their mother’s body. […]


INMA: “Is maternal nutrient status influencing the effects of arsenic on the child cognition?”

An INMA study investigated the relation between prenatal exposure to arsenic and cognitive and motor function in preschool children. Researchers […]


INMA: “A study by Fisabio, UV and UJI links social exclusion and family poverty with worse mental health in childhood”

The FISABIO Foundation has echoed a result of the INMA Project. Link to the news on the FISABIO website: http://fisabio.san.gva.es/web/fisabio/noticia/-/asset_publisher/1vZL/content/salut-mental-infantil […]


Defense of the doctoral thesis of Llúcia González Safont

On Friday February the 4th, Llúcia González Safont defended her doctoral thesis “Socioeconomic factors, family environment and cognitive and behavioural […]


INMA: “Vitamine D and dental health”

There is a common pattern arising when we visit our dentist. It is highly likely that we are being told […]


Happy Holidays to all

On behalf of the entire INMA Project team we wish you a merry Christmas, and receive our best wishes for […]


INMA Valencia sends a new Newsletter with news to the families of the INMA Project

INMA Valencia sends a new Newsletter to the families that participate in the INMA Project. Link to the December 2021 Newsletter: […]


CONNECT! at the 17th INMA Scientific Conference 2021

The 17th INMA Scientific Conference 2021 has already started Keep in mind that all we will present will be preliminary […]


ANNOUNCEMENT and REGISTRATION for the 17th INMA Scientific Conference

We announce the organization of the 17th INMA Scientific Conference 2021 Scientific Program: Link These conference will follow the following […]


Effects of environmental exposures on human health. Summer courses. UPV-EHU

Jesús Ibarluzea, researcher of the INMA Project and coordinator of the INMA-Gipuzkoa cohort, has participated in the UPV-EHU summer courses. […]