Effects of environmental exposures on human health. Summer courses. UPV-EHU

Jesús Ibarluzea, researcher of the INMA Project and coordinator of the INMA-Gipuzkoa cohort, has participated in the UPV-EHU summer courses. […]


The INMA Project and the COVID-19 pandemic

The INMA Project participates in several studies related to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) pandemic thanks to the availability and generosity of […]


INMA: “Exposure before birth to persistent organic pollutants may increase the risk of metabolic disorders in adolescence”

An INMA study investigated the association between prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POP) and markers of obesity and cardiometabolic […]


INMA: “Exposure to toxic metals may contribute to blood pressure elevation in male adolescents”

A study based on the INMA cohort established in the province of Granada (Southern Spain) assesses the relation of urinary […]


INMA: “Higher ferritin levels during pregnancy may protect against ADHD symptoms during childhood”

A study based on the INMA cohort established in the regions of Gipuzkoa (Basque Country), Sabadell (Catalonia), and Valencia investigates […]


The INMA Project: “Growing up in a neighborhood with pollution, growing up in a neighborhood with clean air”

The INMA Project is today news on the cover of EL PAIS Growing up in a neighborhood with pollution, growing […]


Happy Holidays to all

On behalf of the entire INMA Project team we wish you a merry Christmas, and receive our best wishes for […]


Registration and Program 16th INMA Scientific Conference

We announce the organization of the 16th INMA Scientific Conference 2020 These conferences will take place online on November 23, […]


INMA: “Tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy induces biological aging in childhood”

A study based on six European birth cohorts, including the INMA study, assesses the relation of prenatal and childhood exposure […]


INMA: “Does exposure to mercury influence neurodevelopment of children?”

An INMA study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology explores the trend in exposure to mercury (Hg) between birth […]


INMA: “Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy Is Associated With Growth Delays in the First Years of Life”

New study involved more than 1,700 mother-child pairs in Spain Prenatal exposure to air pollution has been linked to various […]


INMA: “Adherence to a Mediterranean diet in early childhood reduces the incidence of obesity at the age of 8”

An INMA study analyzes the weight of adhering to a Mediterranean diet at the age of 4 on the prevalence […]