Between April 1997 and June 1998, a cohort of pregnant women was recruited in the island of Menorca. All of the women who acceded to participate in the AMICS study (Asthma Multicenter Infants Cohort Study) on environment and incidence of allergy and asthma were included in the INMA study, a total of 482. Since then, the children born of these pregnancies have been followed annually until 4 years and samples of dust and NO2 were taken from their homes. In the visit of the 4th year, the measurements on the children were: organochlorine compounds, thyroid hormones, metals, and the level of neurobehavioural development. The children have been followed two years until the age of 10 years. In addition, the data taken during the pregnancy and the first years of life that were gathered in AMICS, as well as the frozen samples of cord blood and mother blood, will allow to evaluate the exposure to these compounds during the pregnancy in a retrospective way.


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