INMA: “Longer Breastfeeding Duration is Associated with a Better Cognitive Function and Could Protect against the Development of Autistic Traits”


A study led by ISGlobal researchers confirms that longer breastfeeding duration improves cognitive function and suggests that, in addition, it may protect from the development of autistic traits. The prospective study, that has followed more than 1,300 children from the INMA cohort study, has been published in the journal Pediatric Research.

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Source: ISGlobal

REFERENCE: Boucher O, Julvez J, Guxens M, Arranz E, Ibarluzea J, Sánchez de Miguel M, Fernández-Somoano A, Tardon A, Rebagliato M, Garcia-Esteban R, O’Connor G, Ballester F, Sunyer J. Association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development, autistic traits and ADHD symptoms: a multicenter study in Spain. Pediatr Res. 2016 Nov 15.