GUNE BERDEAK (GREEN AREAS) is a short animation piece to learn the importance of natural spaces in our cities and the improvements in quality of life they offer to the population. From the children’s point of view, reinforcing their empowerment, this is a short film that will take them on a learning journey, in which, as if it were a game, it has been created to get them to identify, appreciate and learn the benefits of green spaces themselves.

The city’s green spaces have a positive impact on physical and mental health. In fact, they have the ability to reduce negative city factors such as air pollution, noise or the city’s heat islands. It also promotes physical exercise, creates stronger social cohesion and reduces stress. The short film GUNE BERDEAK is created for children to understand the theoretical model of the effect of green spaces.

Regarding the previous idea, from point of view of the children, GUNE BERDEAK starts from a moment that the children most desire throughout the day, the visit to the park. At this time of the day there is an experience that physically and emotionally matches the children’s point of view with that of the adults, without ever losing their emotion, to go down the slide. For many children it is one of the most exciting moments of the day.

This provides a high degree of identification (and an equivalent level of attention) for the child, whereas allowing a child to see the world from an adult’s point of view, from the top of the slide. From there they are able to see everything, having the feeling of changing things. Because the slide is the peak that a child climbs every day.

Our two protagonists will live the same reality, but with the benefits of green spaces and the other not. Thus, like a traditional role play, children are given the opportunity to understand and learn complex situations to express themselves, and the educator can stop the video identifying the differences between the two realities.

Far from the purely scientific research, through this small children’s fable, GUNE BERDEAK is a proposal that stimulates the learning of the children and shares the knowledge.

GUNE BERDEAK is an animation production of Undo Animotion studio from Donostia-San Sebastian and has been made with researchers from Biodonostia and the UPV/EHU under the funding of Kutxafundazioa.

Short film: